The Art Of Selling

The Art Of Selling

All Clients look for an agent that is experienced in the “Art of Selling and Buying” real estate.
What traits are you really looking for?

If you look at the top-producing agents in any city, they share these traits…

  • They are well informed about the market and the area they work in
  • They know how to listen well and understand or intuit what you are saying
  • An agent should bring services, resources, and expertise to your real estate transactions.

For our Sellers-

What is your home worth?
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Why list with Chapman Webb Group?

We want to make the experience of selling your home as easy as possible.
This is always an important personal decision for anyone or family and below we have outlined how Chapman Webb Team will work with you to successfully and profitable sell your home!

Preparing to Sell

  • We believe in research so we will always suggest a price that is realistic for your home and neighborhood
  • Guide you on what you need to do to have your home listed with as little disruption to your life as possible
  • Special details… we have designers and landscapers available to help you prepare your home or stage your home for selling. Not all buyers are visually adept at seeing how their things can work in your home. Our experts can help overcome those hurdles.
  • Have a network of contractors, legal representation, appraisers and more that we can recommend to assist you.


  • Stay in contact with you re all showings and comments from brokers, agents and potential buyers
  • We are all neighbors in this community or will be so it is important to us for you to be satisfied and happy
  • We know from personal experience that selling and moving is a major and important decision and experience for anyone or family. We want to make it as seamless as possible and as easy and profitable for you as we can
  • Be there for you…any questions, anytime! Innovative and Creative Marketing
  • Utilize our global and national networks to provide the most creative and extensive marketing plan for your home.
  • EWM is the #1 luxury residential real estate company in South Florida and we will put that to work for you!
  • We believe in strong, creative and innovative marketing
  • Reach out to our own extensive network of agents and clients There are some things we need for you to think about as we begin to discuss listing your home.
  • Think about what you want to net from your home
  • Understand what it takes to prepare your home for showing
  • Discuss with us any items you want to not be included in listing agreement
  • Ask any questions, and share any concerns you may have