The Art of Buying

The Art of Buying:

Looking for a new home can be exciting or stressful! We want to make it easy. There are many things to be considered, so as your agents, we want to hear from you about what you are looking for so we can show the properties that are best for what you want. Below are some items that we ask you to consider that will enable us to use the right criteria for your initial property search.

As the Buyer, this what we need from you-

  • Neighborhoods you want to consider
  • Wish List of what you want/need
  • Budget for your search
  • Pre-approval for mortgage or pre-qualification letter from your bank

Working with the Chapman Webb Team to purchase:

  • We take all your info and start searching for homes/condos in your desired neighborhoods
  • Take you on home search outings, maybe a few…maybe many more until we find the right one!
  • Guide and represent you through the offer and negotiation process
  • Be there for the inspections, appraisal, and closing
  • Celebrate your new home!
  • Bring dinner on your “Move In” day!