Amendment 4 passes! Wait…what’s Amendment 4…for?

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May 11, 2016
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Amendment 4 passes! Wait…what’s Amendment 4…for?

Aug. 30th was Voting Day in Florida – Yes, I braved the rain and voted. Though I was happy it didn’t take long AT ALL – I was a little sad that it didn’t take long AT ALL. Partisan politics aside (for the love of Thanksgiving dinners, please!), I personally feel the importance of exercising my right to vote whenever a Voting Day comes up!

This particular vote had important primary choices for Senate and House representatives, a ton of judges, School Board, City Commission seats and finally on the back of the ballot: a very important issue on SOLAR PANELS.

Hold on to your left and right flanks, people – like all Amendments to our state constitution, this one is simple, yet complicated. And because, unlike many people, I’m a nerd for this stuff – I like to let everyone know what is going on with local voting. Look, I also love to discuss Game Of Thrones and One Direction, so take your pick (most choose the politics of Westeros – go figure).

Spoiler alert: Amendment 4 passed overwhelmingly on Tuesday. The Miami Herald sums it up nicely here:

“The amendment, which will become part of the Florida Constitution, exempts solar and other renewable energy devices on business and industrial property from property taxes for 20 years. The same tax break already exists for residential property owners.”

Read more here:

I believe the important thing to share with our readers is that that little mention of The same tax break already exists for residential property owners.”  For those of us living in Sunshine State, why not make the most of that heat we feel all year round? If you are skeptical about installing solar panels or how it all works, FPL actually has a whole section on it and rebates to boot. Yet many homeowners have yet to take advantage of this cost reducing and clean energy alternative.

For more info regarding State to State rankings:

The amendment on Tuesday would give the tax break to both businesses and industrial properties, which helps business owners (job creators) and while also ikea+solar+panelsit’s the largest Solar Panel grid in South Florida!



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