Feels Like The First Time!

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April 20, 2016
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Feels Like The First Time!


Does your first home seem to be FAR & AWAY?

When the daunting prospect of buying a home for the first time arrives, you’ll want to seek a sage that will guide you to the perfect information: THE INTERNET, right? can-has-cheezburger

No. Bad Human. Stop.


I know, I know.  You’re already on the web right now. It’s simply a part of our 21st Century lives. It’s how you use the trusty ol’ interwebs for gathering information regarding that major life decision. Let’s examine that and make sure you are starting this journey on the right foot.

Since becoming a real estate agent, I’ve noticed that everyone who Jon-Snow-knows-nothing about real estate heads to either Trulia or Zillow (same soul-less company) to just innocently see what they can find. Then they end up in the scrolling rabbit hole similar to those nights where one spends 2 hours looking for a movie to watch on Netflix and then end up just falling asleep to Shawshank on cable anyway. We’ve all done it.

It’s the “I’m not sure what I want/have no idea what I’m doing approach” syndrome the same one fueling the Tinder-esque online dating scene. This can be summed up in one statement: On the internet, no one can hear you internally scream with indecisiveness. 

Real Estate is a major financial investment. Period. If that scares you, that’s ok. Terms like “wealth”, “risk”, and “equity” aren’t scary. They are boring. Important but boring.  Boring scares us. Swipe left on boring! No. Bad human. Stop.  Homeownership is not a scroll or swipe situation. For the love of humanity, allow another human being to help you.

A real estate agent is there to get you actual listings, set up the meetings, and guide you through the process. Yes,we do charge a commission that is only paid when you become a happy homeowner. That means we are in it, for you to win it!

And if you think you can just buy a dump and flip it and “Voila!” – WHOA THERE. You can only watch so much HGTV before you realize you’ve learned as much about flipping houses as you have learned how to put together a NYC Fashion Week runway collection in couple of months a la Project Runway.


If only you had a Tim Gunn-esque sage to guide you through home buying? Huzzah!

Real Estate Agent = Personal Tim Gunn

Where to start: READ READ READ!

Here are some excellent articles we recommend for all first time buyers to check out: Enjoy!

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THE MIAMI HERALD – When Joint Mortgages Don’t Work 

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INVESTOPEDIA – Zillow Estimates Not As Accurate As You Think

Also, pay attention to what is going on in your local government or your desired neighborhoods! Miami is growing rapidly, so it’s important to keep up with civic development.




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